Multiple Teams · 2017 Football Awards

The 2017 football season wrapped up its season on Sunday night with its banquet. A final special thanks to the senior players and parents to all the time and effort they spent on the program. It was great that every player made it and that the potluck was a huge success with plenty of food to spare!

  Scholar Athletes

Ravin Anderson, Tim Borgmann, Adam Borgmann


Honorable Mention: Tim Borgmann OL

2nd team: Ronald Rivera WR

1st team: Jonathan Hice LB, David Chambers DB, Owen Rozanc K

All County Awards

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Hice LB, Dustin Spirko WR

1st team: David Chambers DB, Tim Borgmann OL, Owen Rozanc K, Ronald Rivera WR 

All district rewards

Honorable Mention: Ronald Rivera, Jonathan Hice, Tim Borgmann

2nd Team: David Chambers WR

1st Team: Owen Rozanc P     

Player of the Year Team Awards

GDC Award– Dylan Hartley

Scout- Dylan Hartley 

Special teams- Owen Rozanc 

Def Skilled- Ron Rivera 

Def Lineman- Malachi Sheffield 

Off skilled- David Chambers 

Off Lineman- Tim Borgmann 

MVP- Jonathan Hice 

Cardinal award- Noah Ortiz