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The Brookside Cardinal wrestlers had a busy week. On Thursday they had to travel to Keystone for a double dual to wrestle Black River and Firelands. This was the first conference double dual and the Cardinals were eager to make their mark. First match was vs the Pirates which went quick due to weight classes not matching up and Black River having a short roster. Shawn Moore and Alex Toth were the only wrestlers with Shawn coming away with a Win on a decision. Toth came up short with a solid effort but could not pull it off. Final score was Brookside 45 and Black River 18. Next up was the Firelands Falcons and similar to the last match, weight classes did not match up and numbers were low for Firelands. Andrew Joanoch, Shawn Moore, Alex Toth, and Collin Thompson were the wrestlers for this dual. Janoch set the tone with a pin, Moore lost in a close match, Toth came up with a big pin, and Thompson ended the match with a pin as well.

Dual vs Dual vs
Weight Class Name Result B BR Weight Class Name Result B FL
80 80
86 86
92 Andrew Janoch W-Forfeit 6 92 Andrew Janoch W- Pin 6
98 Emmanuel Crabtree W-Forfeit 6 98 Emmanuel Crabtree W-Forfeit 6
104 104
110 Shawn Moore W- Dec. 3 110 Shawn Moore L- Pin 6
116 Alex Toth L- Pin 6 116 Alex Toth W- Pin 6
122 Kris Kostohryz W-Forfeit 6 122 Kris Kostohryz W-Forfeit 6
128 Logan Fowler W-Forfeit 6 128 Logan Flowler W-Forfeit 6
134 John M. Donaldson W-Forfeit 6 134 John M. Donaldson W-Forfeit 6
142 142
150 150 L-Forfeit 6
160 L-Forfeit 6 160
172 L-Forfeit 6 172 L-Forfeit 6
205 Collin Thompson W-Forfeit 6 205 Collin Thompson W-Pin 6
245 Pat DiBattiste W-Forfeit 6 245 Pat DiBattiste W-Forfeit 6
Total 45 18 Total 48 18
Extra Extra


On Saturday, the team traveled to Norwalk for a very difficult tournament that had 18 teams in it. Top performers from the team were Michael Vimpeny, Shawn Moore, and Collin Thompson who all went 3-2 and a 4th place finish. John Michael Donaldson also went 3-2 but placed 3rd and Michael Gomes went 4-1 with a 3rd place finish. The team totaled 86 points and an eleventh place finish out of 18 teams.

1/12 @Norwalk W-L Pins TF points Place
A. Janoch 2-3 1 1 6th
E. Crabtree 0-2 N/A
M. Vimpeny 3-2 1 2 4th
S. Moore 3-2 3 4th
A. Toth 1-2 1 N/A
Z. Kolleda 0-3 N/A
Z. Lacavera 1-2 1 N/A
L. Fowler 0-3 N/A
K. Kostohryz 0-2 N/A
J.M. Donaldson 3-2 3 3rd
M. Gomes 4-1 3 1 3rd
A.J. Llado 2-2 2 N/A
C. Thompson 3-2 3 4th
P. DiBattiste 0-2 N/A
Total 22-30 14 8
points 86

Upcoming matches: The Cardinals travel to Wellington on Thursday for a double dual and then on Saturday for a tournament they travel to Mapleton.